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North Shore Bloodstock Services

Alan Quartucci founded North Shore Bloodstock in 1984 while still in his twenties. While there are certainly no lack of bloodstock agents in today’s Thoroughbred industry, what sets Alan apart is his several decades of experience, honesty and dedication.

Working summers at the track since his early teens, Alan did more than soak up the picturesque atmosphere of the backstretch mornings or the glamour of an afternoon in the Saratoga box section; he got to know the players. From owners to trainers to jockeys, Alan has known and worked with legends, giving him an insider’s view of racing. His experiences set him apart in today’s marketplace.

"Picking out horses is an inexact science at best," said Alan. "From my early days on the track I shadowed – and in some cases worked for – really good people. By watching and learning from these experienced horsemen, I developed my own sense of what I wanted to see in a horse."

"I guess I'm slightly more 'hands on' than many other bloodstock agents – I'm at the track most mornings – whether it be New York or Florida," he explained. "I've not only bought or sold for clients, but I also own horses myself. I think people should be paying for an agent's experience, intuition, honesty, and insight. I think I have seen most every type of scenario with a horse's career, and have dealt with other people who have achieved great success with a number of horses."

Alan attends all the major sales in the United States – covering the yearling sales, two-year-olds in training sales as well as the various mixed sales. He also travels to Europe at least once a year to attend the sales in Italy, England or France.

North Shore Bloodstock can offer you:

  • Representation at the sales
  • Private purchases
  • Racehorse or racing stable management
  • Selection of yearlings, two-year-olds and/or breeding stock
  • Honesty, dedication and the reputation to support these attributes.

If you are interested in North Shore’s bloodstock services and would like to speak with a representative for more information, please click the Contact Us button below.